DropBox Video is designed to work with OptimizePress. In this guide, you will learn how to add DropBox videos to your OptimizePress pages.

Step 1: Get Your DropBox Video Shortcode

In your WordPress admin, from the Media menu, select DropBox Video.

Media -> DropBox Video

(you will use the shortcode to embed your DropBox video to your OptimizePress page)

Step 2: Add Shortcode To Your OptimizePress Page

You can use the shortcode on your OptimizePress pages in the "Custom HTML / Shortcode" field of your Elements list.

A) Select your page or create a new one

B) Click "Add Element" button (if you do not see it, you will first need to click "Add New Row")

C) Scroll down to "Custom HTML / Shortcode", click it, and paste in your shortcode. (don't forget to save)

You are done!

Click Save and Continue. Preview by clicking View Public Link.